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GIFT PACK OF 5 STRANGER THINGS BADGES - with a pin at the back, to wear on a jacket, scarf or jumper, attach to the strap of a satchel or fix on to a sports bag, LARGE BADGE READS STUCK IN THE UPSIDE DOWN - the weird alternative dimension that exists in parallel to the human world, SMALLER BADGES FEATURE ICONIC MOMENTS FROM THE SERIES - including an Eggo Waffle with the number 011 and the Demogorgon monster stalking a ravaged landscape, PERFECT FOR PARTIES OR A GIFT FOR STRANGER THINGS FAN- anyone who is mesmerised by the sinister world of Eleven and her friends will enjoy these badges, or buy them to split up and put in party bags or use as party prizes, GENUINE STRANGER THINGS MERCHANDISE - inspired by the spooky series featuring Eleven, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair and officially approved by Netflix

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